About us

 ‘G.T’ Is a newly established  tourist company but  we have decades  of experience in this field. The founders  and  guides  of the company are the people with great resource for knowledge about Georgia. Their  job  and the life style is generally related  with travelling and studying different parts of Georgia. They are often accompanied by foreign scientists , students and visitors of the country. The proficient and  qualified guides  of  “G.T” provide the tourists to gain a lot about  history, archaeology ,ethnography and originality of rural and urban way of life in Georgia, travelling  to the seaside , the mountains and   even in the desert .The visitors will also have a great opportunity  to enjoy  untouchable  wonders  of nature, entertain with extreme sports and  degust Georgian noble wines. They will have a chance   to attend or participate in the process of  brewing beer, making wine and vodka and appreciate Georgian delicacies as well.

      “G.T “  travel company is ready to give a heartily welcome  to the tourists and will do all  its  best  the visitors  to admire Georgian history, culture and relations.


Information about the founders and guides



Giorgi  Mamardashvili – Ethnologist. Doctor of Ethnology

Scientist at the  National Museum of Georgia and the Institute of History and Ethnology.

Research scientific subjects: Social life of people in the pre-mountainous region in west Georgia. Ethnic, religious and historical geography  of  the population of Abkhazia.

With years of  experience in mountaineering (as a tourist and climbing routes).Played rugby for Tbilisi State University rugby club.  Trained  aged grade rugby  teams. Delivered  lectures on the history of Georgia and religious at universities and secondary schools.






David Zhvania – Archeologist

Leader of the prehistoric reconstruction lab.

Research scientist of  Dmanisi archaeological expedition.

Research scientific subjects:  Lower Paleolithic  Stone Tool  Technologies.

Former rugby player  for Tbilisi State University rugby club.

Delivered lectures on the history of Georgia  at secondary schools. Worked as an administrative manager  at  Open Air                                                                                 Museum.


Jimsher Chkhvimiani – Historian

Curator   of  the fund of High Middle Ages at the National Museum of Georgia.

Research scientist of Dmanisi archaeological expedition (feudal  period)

Research scientific subjects: Life In Medieval Towns in East Georgia .

Worked as  an instructor  and afterwards   active participant of  educational  international  project  “Dmanisi Summer School”.




Irakli Baqradze – Historian.

 Scientist at the  National Museum of Georgia.

 Research scientific subjects: Georgian and Caucasian Arms.   Smithery

Worked at smith of  Open  Air Museum for years. Has made Georgian original knives. Participated in the process of restoration exhibits  and organizing exhibitions.