Georgia is a country, which is located in the Transcaucasia. Its territory occupies an area of about 70 000 square kilometers, but despite this it is very diverse and unique from all sides. Georgia has a varied nature: in the western part of Georgia on the Black Sea coast and in the vicinity there is a subtropical terrain; in the east - humid climate becomes more continental and in the south-eastern part of Georgia there is a hot desert of steppe type. In the country, which is situated between the radically different from each other worlds, there are subtropical swamps, full-flowing and fast rivers, mountains, covered with eternal snows, which are up to 5000 meters, canyons, waterfalls, volcanic lakes, untouched primeval forests. A variety of nature affects diversity of ethnographic regions of this small country – it is hard to believe, but in this small country there are more than two dozen ethnographic parts, with specific differences and uniqueness and each have its own folklore, dialect, cuisine and clothing.

The country starts its history since time immemorial. Georgian tribes are mentioned in Assyrian sources as early as the twelfth century BC.  After this, times of the legendary, rich in gold Kolkheti, ensue. In the fourth century BC, in the eastern part of the country, City Iberia was established, which throughout the history has been a central part and the main guarantor of Georgian statehood.

Iberia was one of the first countries that officially adopted Christianity as a state religion. To a great extent, its history and culture are related to this religion. Christian literary writing and church architecture begin to develop after 4th century, as well as fight against foreign invaders for preserving the Christian faith. We can say that Georgia has been a far-eastern fort post of Christendom and Western values for centuries.  

The country is interesting in different aspects: Georgia is the birthplace of ancient hominids. It declares its "primacy" in other fields too: scientists recognized the country to be a motherland of wine and winemaking. Georgia is also a hearth of metallurgy and gold mining.

We have tried to briefly describe varieties of Georgia’s parts. These descriptions will create a general idea about Georgia and attract you to travel in our hospitable country.