Samegrelo is the very place of Georgia where the stranger came with a bad intention. This is a mythical Colchis, center and heart of Colchis. According to legend, son of the Sun, king Aieti, was sitting on the throne. The Golden Fleece, the Golden Ram and the King's daughter Medea was kidnapped from Colchis by the Greek soldiers. So they took the knowledge of gold extraction and knowledge of medicine. It is believed that the medicine is related to the name Medea. Heir states of glorious and mythical kingdom of Colchis continued their existence in further times. Very often they were uniting the whole west Georgia and were one of the leaders in Transcaucasia region.




By the end of the fourth century BC two Georgian state unities was held for the first time in history. Iberian King Parnavaz and the ruler of west Georgia Kuji have joined forces and stood together against the enemy. Sometimes this country was called Egrisi, sometimes Lazika. In Martvili Monastery served Georgian religious and political figure GiorgiChkondideli, who also raised the most distinguished king of Georgia David the Builder.The monastery where these people served is still active. There is a Martvili Museum near Monastery, which is a good narrator of Samegrelo’s history and ethnographic life.










For centuries, its north-western part of has been lost and population reduced.But this part of the country has never lost a beauty, culture and distinctive character. There are many Christian churches and fortresses. There is the only European-style palace in Zugdidi that was the residence of nobles of Samegrelo. Nowadays the museum is functioning in Samegrelo which is very interesting. The museum has many interesting exhibits and Napoleon's mask. Near the palace, in the church Virgin’s robe is kept.  Ruins of Goji castle fence, Gochkadiri canyon, above the canyon absolutely pristine nature, the highest waterfall of Georgia, magical lakes and many other natural wonders are very impressive.








Local people are famous for cuisine:Endemic cereal porridge, which is used instead of bread, turkey in walnut sauce, Pig and chicken with spicy spices roasted with fire;Sulguni mixed in mint and milk, megrulikhachapuri, Kupati, thousands of kinds of salads and many other things that take you in a vertiginous world.