From Kutaisi (the second largest city in Georgia) to the north,in cloudless weather it is clearly visible trapezoidal rocky mountain array. It is a Khvamli Mountain – mystic, difficult to access and related to many legendary sayings. According to historical sources here, in the caves, treasury of Georgian kings is kept. The caves exist nowadays too, treasury…  but maybe somewhere, inaccessible darkness of the cave may cover the  secrecy of treasury. There is a church of St. Giorgi. Not far from there is a St. Giorgi’s  lake that is considered to be miraculous.

Maybe because of Khvamli mountain treasure or transit importance, there are many medieval castles and monasteries, from which the most notable are Zubi, Muri, Orbeli, Dekhviri, Gveso castles; Tsketi, Nakuraleshi, Sairme, Tsageri churches. 









Maksime confessor, one of the saints of Christian world, is buried in Tsageri. There is a renewed Tsageri museum, which will give you the overview about past life of Lechkhumi. Lechkhumi is rich in healing acidic waters and delicious fish.

Unique wines are madehere: Tvishis Tsolikauri (wite), Orbelis Ojaleshi (red) and Usaxelouri (red) are high quality wines. The last is very popular because of wonderful bouquet and a pleasant sweetish taste.

We offer you travel and rest (4-6 days) in Lechkhumi. During tour you will visit Khvamli Mountain upland, its mystical places, medieval fortresses, churches and monasteries, mountain resorts. You can taste the delicious wines and its accompanying traditional dishes.