Svaneti has a rich historical past and is distinguished with its mountainous and exoticism. Svanetians over the centuries heroically defended their homeland, north-west border of Georgia and Passes. There was always a threat of nomads and north Caucasus people invasion. Svaneti is a mountainous part – in winter there is a lot of snow. That’s why mountain skiing season is long and attracts many tourists. The village Ushguli, which is in the north-east part, is thehighest inhabited point in Europe (2100-2200m above sea level).










Traditional patterns of architecture, medieval churches, painting and towers, traditional way of life attracts tourists very much. The nature is wonderful:Svaneti way goes along the narrow gorge of Enguri and you can see snowy mountains of Caucasian (Shkhara 5068m, Ushba-4710m, Tetnuldi – 4851m, Shkhelda – 4368), waterfalls, coniferous forest. Можно сказать, что этот край сам по себе является музеем, хотя более ясное представление об архаичных сторонах его бытия создают разнообразные экспозиции музеев Сванетии, особенно, обновленный недавно Местийский музей.








As for Svancousine: Kubdari is bread with meat. You can taste various dishes made from meat, mtsvadi. Svanuri cheese – Sulguni - is very famous. Rakhi is vodka with a low percentage of alcohol and fruit vodka with high percentage of alcohol.