Guria and Achara


Guria and Adjara are mountainous regions of western Georgia and there is a Black sea in its West. Batumi, Kobuleti, Sarpi, Gonio and Ureki are the places where you can rest during sea season (from mid-June through September).  Ureki beach sand is characterized by high curative qualities.

Both sides are alike; however, nearly three-century Ottoman rule caused changes in religion and way of lifein Adjara. As a result, most of the population has moved from Christian to Muslim faith. In mountainous villages you can still find wooden basins, mosques; in the central district of Batumi there is an ancient mosque that has numerous parishes. Ajarian cuisine took fromTurkey a variety of Eastern sweets. Batumi Boulevard, coffee, made in coffee maker on aspecialsand and Ajarian Khachapuri is a visiting card of Ajarian cuisine.









History of Ajara starts a very long time before. Here, in the village of Ajara preached Christianity Apostle Andrew. Petra, Gonio-Apsarosi castles and medieval arched stone bridges are the witnesses of the history ofAjara.

Bakhmaro is an excellent resort in Guria Mountains. Gurians are famous for their singing. Gurians are distinguished with humor. There were also many architectural monuments, but in the Soviet era almost all churches and monasteries have been destroyed.