South-west Georgia Samtskhe-Javakheti is the place where the ground for formation of Georgian state prepared twice. Today, more than half of this part is on the territory of Turkey. It can be said that the history of this side are the endless wars. Here Georgians directly bordered foreign tribes and south-western Georgia took the first attack. That is why there are many defensive buildings, hideaways, castles, towers, churches on the territory of Samtskh-Javakheti where throughout the middle ages translation, literary and educational work took place. The poet Shota Rustaveli grew up here.










The beauty of this land is Vardsia – cave town, which is in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage. This land is distinguished with diverse nature. Protected areas of Borjomi park-forest hold a special place, which is one of the biggest in Europe.

In summer, near Borjomi, on the river Kura for rafting armatures there is 8 kilometer track of medium difficulty. Plateaus of Javakheti are mostly distinguished with exceptional beauty.