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Mtiuleti and Khevi

To the north from Tbilisi the motorway goes to Mtiuleti and Khevi. Darialis Kari or “Ovstakari” connected Georgia to north Caucasus. Georgian lands ended beyond this door. The way goes to mountainous places, it is difficult and in the past it was well fortified. During the occupation of tsarist and bolshevikRussia this way was called military way.

You can see the first important castled on the military way in the vicinity of Mtkheta. In two three dozen kilometers from Mtskheta starts historical Aragvi principality, where is Ananuri complex (XVII c. architecture). Above Ananuri is Mtiuleti, whose main religious building is the Church of the Miraculous Lomisi. There are many small restaurants on the way, where you can taste delicious mtiulurikhinkali. A well-equipped ski resort Gudauri is on the border of Mtiuleti and Khevi.









Through Jvari Pass revealsthe main ridge of Caucasus. The height of the pass is 2888m. Very beautiful travertine and sour waters can be found in the north part of the Pass.

The downtown of Khevi is Stepantsminda. Here flows the river Teri. This place was guarded by Dariali castle and its walls are remained up to this date. There are many old towers and fortifications in whole Khevi.

Sno and Trous waters are the tributaries of Tergiwith wonderful nature and towers in its ravines. 

Mount Mkinvartsveri is the beauty of Khevi, which is always snowy. The church of Gergeti Trinity is located seven kilometer away from village Gergeti. The church is built in the 14thcentury and is deemed to be the cache of the Church's treasure. Besides Mkinvartsveri, mountainous missives with rocky and difficult routes attract alpinists very much.