In the past, Pshav-Khevsureti was called Pkhovi. Pkhovi, as a remote place, was always disobeying central government during medieval times. Local people were excellent warriors and successfully defended the north-eastern borders from nomadic tribes and inhabitants living across Caucasus Ridge.

Nowadays Pshavi is associated with poetry and folk poems. Almost everyone has a talent of poetry here. Georgian poet VajaPshavela is from this country. It can be said that Khevsuretiis one of the most distinctive and exotic sides of Georgia and the Caucasus.Khevsureti has a rich historical past that determines the life style of the dwellers of this part, their agriculture, relationships, mysticism and martial spirit. Their clothes are different - men's clothes are sewnin rider’s template,it is convenient for the rider and quite short. Woman’s dress is very beautiful and during dancing, shows the beauty of a woman's body. Man’s and woman’s clothes have many original embroidered ornaments most of which are in the shape of a cross.In the XIX century, due to this fact, appearance of Khevsur and martial spirit,scientists thought that Khevsurians are the descendants of European Crusaders. According to them you could find inscriptions in Latin or other European languages on swords and other weapons.

Nowadays, Khevsureti is almost empty. But those who live there still faithfully serve their icons, make beer and delicious khinkali. There stand towers, religious buildings, castles which are connected to each other so that during enemy attack they could go around the village safely.

Nature is very beautiful: Deep valleys, cliffs, waterfalls, small lakes, glaciers, Caucasian mountains and passes are a wonderful sight!