Six day tour

Cultural tour in Tusheti, Signagi and Kakheti








During the tour you will have the opportunity to visit, lost in massifs, one of the most beautiful places in Georgia, which is located in the northern slope of the Caucasus ridge. In Tusheti you will enjoy the fantastic beauty of waterfalls, glaciers, extensive coniferous massifs, snow-covered mountain peaks, panoramas of the Caucasus passes and deep rocky cliffs. You will have a chance to taste Tushetian Khinkali (traditional dish, in the preparation of which you will be able to participate).

You will get acquainted with the unique architecture of the Caucasus: Tushetian towers, erected by dry fold and ordinary houses, which are of hundreds of years.

Also, you will be attracted by the places, where Tushetians perform church rituals up to this date, make sacrifices and where two religions merge into one: Christian and pagan that gives the rituals special exotic coloring.

Before and after the tour around Tusheti, you will see the sights of Tbilisi and Sighnaghi (one of the oldest towns of Kakheti).