According to legend the name of the first inhabitant in Kartly territory was Kartlosi. He was a descendant of the biblical Noah and Japheth.Central part of Georgia is called after its name. Georgia – Georgians, Kartlosianta land.

This country has an interesting history. Before appearance of Kartlos in these places lived earlier ancestors of the human racenon-member hominids of sapience family, Homo erectus. In KvemoKartli, the proof of it is one of the most important archaeological locationsof the world that isnear Dmanisi - medieval castle on the territory of the country. There were found many bone remains and stone tools that caused a revolution in the world of archeology - human being from Dmanisi became the first European.

There is a place near Daba Kazreti, where four centuries before Christ, gold was obtained using mining method.  Not far from these places, on the ancient settlement grape stones were found which can confirm that in this territory viticulture and wine-making started earlier.

The oldest urban settlement in Transcaucasia is on the territory ShidaKartli - cave town – Uplistsikhe. Uplistsikheis in the list of World Cultural Heritageof UNESCO.

Bolnisis Sioniis one of the oldest churches in Georgia. The oldest Georgian inscription on its walls is still extant.Many churches of kartli and AtenisSionyis rich of Georgian inscriptions.

Kartli is the geographic center of Georgia. The capital Tbilisi and the capital of east Georgia from the ancient                                                                                                  times up to the fifth century, Mtskheta, is located here.