Kakheti is the extreme eastern region of Georgia with a rich history and traditions.Although, the visiting card of this land undoubtedly isa wine. Kakheti wine is famous not only in Georgia but in all post-Soviet countries and is gradually making its way to the European market.

In Kakheti there are two main traditional tourist routes:One runs along the ridge Gombori, the second - on the road across Sagarejo.Gombori road, for the most part, runs along the mountain slopes and broadleaf forests,from the pass are clearly visible peaks of the Caucasus mountain range. Subsequently, the road goes down to fertile valley of the Alazani,completely covered with vineyards.Road through Sagaredjo runs along upland Iori and typical villages of Kakheti. We can say that the first route mainly includes the northern part of Kakheti, and the second - the southern.In some places, these routes may intersect.The southern part of Kakheti has a very dry climate and treeless hilly steppes.These places are called the desert, although it is not a classic desert with sand.In this desert is carved into the rock monastery complex David Gareji,which is include list of world cultural monuments of UNESCO.








During the passage of these routes you will be able to see the magnificent monuments of medieval architecture. These are churches and monasteries:Ninotsminda VI,  two domed GurjaaniKvelatsminda – VIII c., Gremi - XVI c.,  Alaverdi XI c.,Nekresi -IVc.,  Bodbe - IVc., old and new Shuamta, Ikalto and others. Fortresses and walled cities:Udjarma-IVc., Kvareli – XVIIIc.,Telavi – XVIIIc., Signagi – XVIIIc. Always worth a visit Signagi museum which was renovated few years ago.You will have the opportunity to visit the traditional, fairly well-known wineries and cellars of local small entrepreneurs.Kakheti cuisine is very delicious and rich:Kakhetian bread "dedaspuri" (mother's bread), shashlik, sheep cheese Guda, various meat dishes, as well as the famous churchkhela - a dessert made from nuts, grape juice and flour.