It can be said that Imerety is the most typical region in Georgia. It is in the center of Georgia and unites the character, traditions, attire and behavior of west and east population. Imeretian is well-dressed, very polite, very proud and hospitable.Very often due to these he becomes anecdotal character. Nature in Imereti is very beautiful –valleys of water full rivers of Kolkheti lowland, upper Imereti,OkribaMountains, waterfalls and karst caverns. The past is diverse too.

In middle centuries, Imereti’s main city Kutaisi was the first capital of united Georgian state. Karst caverns near Kutaisi – Sataplia and Kumistavi (now they are called Prometheus Cave) - is a marvelous sight. Near Sataplia caves fossilized footprints of dinosaurs can be found. In Kumistavi, besides the wonderful stalactite, you can see Underground River and have a boat trip.









Not far from here is Gelati, the 12th century church, where higher educational institution Gelati academy was functioning at that time. In the ravine of river Motsameta is a small church. This is the place where Davit and KonstantineMkheidze were tortured. Their heads are kept there and this place is considered to be miraculous. Monastery built on Katskhis column and Jruchi churches are marvelous.

There are many old cities and fortifications. Especially noteworthy is a large and ancient city of gold, Vani.








Imereti is famous for variety of dishes. There are high quality wines too, such as Baghdati and TerjolaTsolikauri, Tsiska, Krakhuna. These are white, sparkling wines and from Otskhanuri grape is made a high quality red wine.